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Helping you find the right Telecommunication/IT solutions.

CoreTel Solutions is one of the most respected technology firms in Southern California.

We specialize in telecommunications, IT Consulting Services, Cloud, Infrastructure Solutions and Managed IT Services for all size clients. CoreTel Solutions recognizes that small and medium businesses have similar challenges but they lack the budget for quality and customized support. Our affordable services provide world-class proactive management and maintenance at a price small and medium businesses can afford.

From the beginning, our mission has been to aim higher in all we do, giving our customers a more personal level of support and affordable, professional telecommunications and IT services. We are never driven by a profit factor. Our company’s success has been achieved by building trusted relationships with our customers who, in turn, recommend CoreTel Solutions to their associates and friends. We couldn’t ask for a greater compliment! We work very hard to continuously raise the standards for ourselves and the industry.